10 Reasons I’m Glad You Came

  1. I no longer have to write melancholy poems, no more sad lines, no more crying and sober, no more emotional playlist, and also no more midnight overthinkings, no more depression for breakfast. I do not have to cry myself to sleep anymore, at some point in my life I can say that I am indeed happy.
  2. Assurance of a good sleep and a fresh morning. I start every day with joy, and ends it with a smile. Before I sleep you are in my prayers and during my sleep you are in my dreams, you are my sunshine every morning and at evening you are my stars in the deep vast dark sky.
  3. I am now always in wear of my beam, A true smile, not sarcastic nor ironic but instead genuine. A true mark of happiness. When was the last time I smile like this? NAHH! I never smiled like this before you.
  4. You are my crayons, the colors of my monochrome world, The moon and stars during the evening, the creamer in my coffee, the tour guide for my journey.
  5. You are my artisan, you always draw a beautiful smile in my face, you made me stronger, you craft me from worst to better. I do not need to explain much further. I hope you will stay by my side until the end of times.
  6. You are my sweetest downfall. You said you are hard to love, that those before me only picked up misadventures. That will not going to stop me, for me the essence that I will suffer in your name it makes my suffering holy, I will endure every pain and take it as a blessing. Time and destiny may not be with us, but love will always be in our favor.
  7. I was reborn, my soul has been reborn, joy and love have baptized me, cleansed me from anger and hatred. And you, you are my pastor.
  8. Inhale, Exhale, fresh air once again filled my pity lungs. I forgot the last time I’ve been like this before, for my past life all that I recall was me drowning, drowning from myself made decisions. Blood and bruises covered my body, this was the time I only recall that I’ve been out of the bottomless pit made by my own mind. And I would like to thank you for saving me.
  9. I have now a reason to live, a reason to continue my life. I can now shape my future, I now have direction.
  10. Lastly, I now believe in love once again, before my life was black and white, until you came and paint me like one of your masterpieces. You made a mosaic out of my shattered pieces, If you just know how important you are to me, I hope you will know how important you are to me. Because you are  very important to me, even though your heart is for another.

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