10 Reasons I’m Glad You Came

I no longer have to write melancholy poems, no more sad lines, no more crying and sober, no more emotional playlist, and also no more midnight overthinkings, no more depression for breakfast. I do not have to cry myself to sleep anymore, at some point in my life I can say that I am indeed happy. Assurance of a good sleep and a fresh morning. I start every day with joy, … Continue reading 10 Reasons I’m Glad You Came


Again, the day has come to an end, night have emerged. Once again darkness have taken all over the place, the energetic morning have turned into solemn evening, the winds are calm, people are tired and the ambiance is gloomy. Such a not so satisfying sound. People walks, some rode the bus, but both are looking forward to come home. As I walk through my … Continue reading Night


There are voices inside my head, a legion of voices. I am not crazy or insane, I SWEAR I CAN HEAR VOICES! Murmurs, whispers, commanding me to rethink over and over again all my past mistakes and misadventures. Making me question life, my life, my very existence. Nothing can make it right, I can’t straight my crooked way now. I am lost. Or maybe I can, If I … Continue reading Voices


  Today is such bad day, but I don’t feel any regrets nor emotional breakdown. They say downfall, really pay’s us a visit sometimes, but mine is different, when it pay’s me a visit it dwells on me. If it is sometimes for others for me it’s always. Good things seldom comes to me, as rare as rain during summer. This becomes my routine for … Continue reading Void

Easter / Ressurection

Today April 1, 2018 Sunday. The last day of Holy Week here in the Philippines, we celebrate the resurrection of Chris our Lord, Who takes down his life to save us all from the captivity of sin. If you thought that Easter Sunday is all about Easter bunnies and hunting Easter eggs, Boy you need some education.   I’m going to share my experience with you guys about how we Filipinos usually celebrate the Resurrection of … Continue reading Easter / Ressurection

Station of the Cross

It is now holy week now in my country (Philippines). As a member of a family which happens to be a devoted catholic, this holy week starting from Maundy Thursday where Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples, to Good Friday where Jesus died, to Black Saturday, the day before Easter until finally Easter Sunday where He overcomes death. So our family went to 7 churches … Continue reading Station of the Cross